First Point

Inspired by the Blue Note Hard boppers of the 1950's, "First Point" offers a swinging collection of Standards and Jazz tunes that are sure to please both the casual fan and the serious collector.


Track Listings

1. The Tender Trap (Cahn-Van Huesen)
2. Step Lightly (Benny Golson)
3. Wave (Antonio Carlos Jobim)
4. Prince Albert (Kenny Dorham)
5. Easy Living (Robin-Rainger)
6. Blues Blue (Sonny Clark)
7. I Cover the Waterfront (Johnny Green)
8. Social Call (Gigi Gryce)
9. On the Sunny Side of the Street (McHugh-Fields)
10. Love for Sale (Cole Porter)
11. Park Avenue Petite (Benny Golson)
12. Sonny's Mood (Sonny Clark)
13. The Souler Theme (Peter Himmelman)


can be at its most challenging and fulfilling when it blends the spirit of improvisation with the discipline of practical application. When, to put it another way, it has a healthy share of jazz as it core.

Bill Kalmenson, whose clarinet is at the core of First Point, demonstrates what such a combination of open-mindedness, hard work and discipline-spanning artistry can yield. He has come to his instrument and his conception relatively late, but his rich and growing experience illuminate his every note.

The Band

  • Richard Simon: Bass
  • Bill Kalmenson: Clarinet
  • Andy Weiner: Piano
  • Billy Paul: Drums
  • Jerry Case: Guitar
  • Jon Magourney: Vibes

Performance Schedule

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