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The Souler Opposite

"Something special! A spiky, engaging love story with uncommon wit, considerable grace and insight."

Opposites attract, repel and collide in a savvy comedy romance from Bill Kalmenson. Chris Meloni (Law and Order SVU) stars as Barry, a comedian whose love life is a joke. On stage Barry says, "All he wants is a woman to like him for who he pretends to be." But in real life love isn't pretending. Ultimately neither will Barry."

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First Point

"First Point is proof that as both musician and surfer, Bill Kalmenson knows how to put himself in a place conducive for success. His rich and growing experience illuminate his every note"
-Bob Blumenthal

Inspired by the Blue Note Hard boppers of the 1950's, "First Point" offers a swinging collection of Standards and Jazz tunes that are sure to please both the casual fan and the serious collector.

About Bill

Bill has charted a creative journey that has spanned a variety of disciplines. Prior to his feature debut as a writer-director Bill worked steadily as a stand up comedian and actor. After cutting his teeth in the N.Y.C. and Los Angeles club scenes Bill headlined regularly in comedy clubs all across the country....

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Bill on the Clarinet and Jon on the Vibes combine for a swinging affair!

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